For HR Professionals and Membership Organizations

What is Elliman Advantage?

Elliman Advantage is a platform of real estate and related services that provides employees assistance throughout their move, while also providing discounts and contract pricing from our supplier partners.   

New products, services, and special promotions are added all the time!

We understand the HR professional need to be extremely resourceful in finding unique but meaningful ways to retain and recruit their greatest asset, their workforce. Health insurance costs are sky-rocketing, HR department budgets are being slashed and the staff is asked to do a lot more with fewer resources. Membership Organizations such as unions, trade associations and alumni groups can also benefit by offering their membership meaningful programs. Elliman Advantage is designed with your current working environment in mind. Through our platform we deliver support and services seamlessly to your employees and members using the latest technology. High tech meets high touch upon enrollment. Each enrollee is assigned a relocation counselor who contacts them and stays in touch throughout.

Benefits to your organization:

  • Offer additional benefits at no cost
  • Little or no administration by your HR staff or administrators
  • Keeps your employees productive during this stressful time
  • Recruit and retain top talent or memberships
  • Enhance lump-sum relocation benefits
  • Contribute to a retiree program
  • Offer assistance to employees or members who are laid off when company downsizes
  • Measurable results
  • Nationwide coverage

Benefits to your employees or membership:

  • No cost or obligation to use the Elliman Advantage service
  • Special discounts saves them hundreds or even thousands of dollars
  • Provides experienced, high-touch counseling and nationally recognized service partners
  • Reduces the stress involved in moving
  • There are benefits for non-moving employees or members such as travel, entertainment, health, gifts and more

Enrolling your organization is quick and easy:

  • Our team will work closely with you to customize the services offered
  • Create a awareness-building plan to introduce Elliman Advantage
  • Create the ongoing plan to keep your employees or members informed
  • You will receive monthly or quarterly enrollment reports to keep you informed